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Institutional Membership

Join NSDCA’s thriving community of educational leaders. All institutions engaged in Vocational Education and Training, Skill Education, online, open, and flexible education are welcome to apply for an institutional membership.

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The membership application process is as follows:

  • NSDCA, DRO conducts a preliminary application review.
  • You may be requested to provide official documents about your institution’s legal status and accreditation registration.
  • NSDCA SPO Committee  conducts an official review and final approval.
  • You are notified of your application status and, if approved, invoiced for the,


  •  Annual fee 5000 INR


The benefits of becoming an NSDCA institutional member include:

  • NSDCA membership accounts for multiple members of your institution, from executives to academics and administrators
  • Exclusive access to high-profile summits and meetings
  • Institutional nominations for NSDCA OER Chairs
  • Appointment to NSDCA Election Committee and Board of Trustees
  • NSDCA event hosting opportunities
  • Access to special partnerships with NSDCA
  • Engagement with NSDCA Quality Review
  • Submissions to Open Praxis Journal
  • Voting rights
  • Visibility in NSDCA’s communication platforms


 We accept a variety of institution types as members:

  • Association: a member-based organization that advocates for common educational goals.
  • Company: a business, startup, or for-profit organization that works toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.
  • Educational network: a consortium of members that work toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.
  • Foundation: a nonprofit corporation whose goal is to offer grants to unrelated organizations, institutions, or individuals for educational purposes.
  • Governmental organization: a government or state agency that works toward the promotion and/or implementation of educational initiatives.
  • College or university: an institution that provides higher, postsecondary or tertiary education.
  • Nongovernmental organization: a mission-focused organization with no government ties that promotes education and works toward effecting change in the field of education.
  • Secondary school: an institution that provides secondary education, such as a high school or professional training academy.


Become an Individual Member


Join NSDCA’s thriving community of educational leaders. All individuals engaged in online, open, and flexible education are welcome to register for individual membership.

To register as an NSDCA individual member, you must fill out the application form below and make a membership fee payment:

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The benefits of becoming an NSDCA individual member include:

  • Access to major NSDCA conferences, events, and webinars
  • Engagement with NSDCA Quality Review
  • Submissions to Open Praxis Journal
  • Voting rights
  • Visibility in NSDCA’s communication platforms


 Annual fee 2500 INR

Membership criteria and terms

Membership criteria

Membership of NSDCA is available to:

  • Teaching institutions offering post-secondary and/ or adult education, research institutions, educational authorities and agencies, educational service companies ('institutional membership')
  • Individuals engaged in education and training throughout the world ('individual membership').


NSDCA welcomes membership applications both from educational institutions which do and do not offer predominantly vocational education and Training, skill education, open and distance or online courses.


Associate membership is also available for not-for-profit membership organizations.


Admittance to membership for institutions, educational authorities and agencies and companies seeking membership is subject to approval by the NSDCA Executive Committee. These must be recognized in their own country or region and in good standing with NSDCA, and must conduct educational operations in accordance with codes of ethics in distance learning. Documentary evidence of this must be provided to NSDCA upon request, and can be asked for at any time.        

Note regarding bogus institutions

NSDCA is a membership organization and does not provide accreditation for institutions.

For an institution to be accepted as a member of NSDCA, certain criteria must be fulfilled. These, and a complete list of NSDCA institutional members, can be referenced on the membership section of the NSDCA website. 




Institutional membership - By completing and submitting the Institutional membership application form, the applicant enters into a commitment to pay the appropriate membership fee for one year.  


Individual membership - Individual membership is activated when NSDCA has received payment of the membership fee. Payment can be made by credit card through online or by bank transfer.


Approval process for institutions

Applications from institutions, educational authorities and agencies, and companies will be reviewed by NSDCA's Executive Committee. Supporting documentation may be requested before the application is accepted and an invoice for the fee is sent. This process normally takes up to one month.

University or department membership?

Universities and other teaching institutions will be recorded in membership lists with the name of this entity. Where the department holds the main responsibility for open/ distance/ online courses in the institution, the name of the department should be entered in the Department field in the application form. The applicant may determine whether the details of the university or departmental Head should be entered. (See also How to calculate the fee for teaching institutions which do not offer predominantly open and distance or online courses.


Membership fee invoicing

All members are invoiced by November to pay their membership fee for the upcoming year by the end of December.


Applications for institutional membership received during the period 1 April - 31 December are eligible for an additional discount in that calendar year equivalent to the number of months of the year already passed. The date of receipt of an individual application, or of approval of an institution's or educational authority's application will apply, and discount will be given for complete months only.


Withdrawal from membership

An existing member which does not pay the renewal fee within one year of invoice will be removed from all membership lists and will be liable to pay the unpaid fees. To withdraw from the membership of NSDCA, a member must notify NSDCA in writing of their intention to do so by the last day of June of the year preceding the new calendar year. Otherwise, the membership fee becomes a debt to NSDCA. NSDCA reserves the right to expel from membership without any refund in membership fee already paid, or to refuse membership, to institutional members not meeting the membership criteria. Claims that NSDCA provides institutional accreditation will result in immediate withdrawal of membership.